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Your motivation about T10P is what sold me on your services. I’ve always used the biggest companies but when you explained your program, I just had to try it. You excited me and made me believe it would sell, but I believed it because I could tell that you believed it. Your ideas about marketing are way beyond that of any realtor I’ve ever known. You’ve also taught me how to make more money selling my products by using your methods. You’ve changed my location and you’ve changed my life forever. Thank you and the beautiful Ruth for all you’ve done for me.

--Claude Chaddick Owasso, OK


JD & Ruth,

Your internet marketing rocks. I can’t believe you sold my home so quickly and thanks for all the additional help while I was out of town. I wish you could sell my next house in Florida.

–Susan Layman Tulsa, OK


Ruth & JD,

You are awesome. You had more realtors and buyers through my home in 3 weeks than Coldwell Banker did in 6 months, and they have hundreds of agents. When I sat down to write this I realized, if you or JD didn’t answer the phone when I called, you always called me back within 20 minutes, every time. Your communication was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better realtors. Bless you both! I will miss you!

--Karen Stevens Tulsa, OK


JD & Ruth,

Tom and I interviewed 3 realtors to sell our home and when you left, I knew Tom would pick you. Tom’s a computer guru and your insight about internet marketing just blew him away. He didn’t even listen to the last realtor we interviewed, I felt so sorry for her. We have never seen a better marketing campaign than the one you provided, and Ruth made this place look so nice. She should be an interior decorator. Thank you both so much for selling our home, and if you ever pass through Arizona, we’d love to have you stay over. --Tom & Kimberly Tucker Sand Springs, OK

What can I say, guys? You honestly kept me from losing everything I had. After listing with 2 other realtors I was ready to just give my house back to the bank and rent for a while. Thank you so much for saving my credit and allowing me to smile again. JD & Ruth you are a God send.

---Tiffany Davenport Mannford, OK


JD, Ruth & Angie, 

The biggest local company in Sapulpa told us that we could never sell our home for the price we needed. You sold our home for that same price so fast that we listed our second home with you. You sold our second home also and allowed us to move back with family in Tennessee. We just wanted you to know that you will always be in our thoughts. Please thank your entire team. Everybody did a wonderful job.

--Jerry & Patricia Stone Sapulpa, OK


Dear JD,

My sincere thanks for your help with the recent sale of my home. Your help was invaluable. I'm sure my proceeds would not have been as high had I chosen another realtor to represent me. My compliments to you and your staff on your patience, knowledge and professionalism on this sale. You certainly walked the extra mile! From our first appointment you treated me as if I was your only client. You explained the contract and procedures to place my property on the market and had some really good ideas about how to present the best features of my home to potential buyers. The listing was on the internet promptly and you had showings and appointments even before I had completed final touches. You kept me informed about how showings were proceeding and what comments you were hearing from realtors. I never had to ask for answers.

When offers began coming in, you lead me through each one pointing out the differences and explaining how each offer would affect my final return. Your explanations were given in a very professional and knowledgeable way. No question was ever too insignificant or silly. You offered guidance, but did not influence my decision. Just days before the closing when a failed inspection threatened the sale, you worked day and night correcting some very serious problems. Since I had already relocated in another state and had no real way of taking control of the correction of the problems, you went far beyond expectations by getting involved personally and making sure the job was completed properly and in time for the closing to go forward on schedule. Amazing! You always returned my calls and answered questions promptly when there was good news and when there was bad news. Without your help I probably would have had to return to Oklahoma and suffer significant financial loss just to keep the home on the market. You have my thanks and the thanks of my family. All of us look forward to telling friends and acquaintances about J.D. Smith and Associates.

- Susan Layman


Dear JD, 

It is with pleasure that we write this letter of testimonial for you. Ed and I must have said an extra special prayer for help selling our home because all I did was reach for the Yellow Pages and there was your name under JD Smith & Associates. Usually we ask friends for help when we are selecting any type of business people. But this time, I was led to just dial your number to get information. And that is exactly what I get! You took extra time to give me detailed information about selling with your company. You were patient, kind, and most of all...professional! I was already hooked the first time I called, but I called a couple of more times just to be sure! (I should have realized that God doesn't make mistakes!) 

In our line of work, we must try always to perform in the realm of the highest integrity. So we tend to look for this trait in others, especially when it comes to selling or buying a home. Ed is a retired Air Force officer, so we have moved frequently. We have bought and sold several homes, but this is the first time we have been prompted to write such a letter. You went above and beyond the list of services that you quote in your pamphlets. You were honest to a fault. You handled each challenge in a professional and timely manner. You are extremely knowledgeable about real estate and technologically adept. You always did what you said you would do. You work hard. You are the BEST! 

Even though we are leaving Tulsa, we have been handing out your business cards at the drop of a hat! We wish you and Ruth much success in your business. If you truly believe that what you sow, you shall reap...then there is no question that you will be phenomenally blessed by much property being bought and sold through your company. It is nice to know that there are still great business people in the world with high standards and excellent moral character. 

Many Blessings,

- Rev. Ed Williams and Rev. Dian Williams


We bought a property in South Tulsa as an investment over 4 years ago. Our intention was to flip the property or basically buy low and sell high. We had the property For Sale By Owner for almost a year. That didn't work. We then listed with 2 different agents and utilized Show Homes to make the house look even better. That didn't work. We then signed 2 different Lease Options (the last declared bankruptcy the day we were to meet the judge to evict them). I then became a million dollar producer real estate agent and listed it myself. I couldn't sell it. After becoming an inactive agent, I then listed with one of the top five agents in Tulsa. When that listing expired in November we decided that we better put our own house on the market after the first of the year because we felt we couldn't sell our investment property. 

It was then that we received a letter from JD Smith. Since the market is slow then we decided we basically had nothing to lose, so we gave JD a try knowing that we would probably have to sell our own house and move into the investment property anyway. During the previous 4 years we never received a legitimate written offer on the property. The buyer saw the house in December and by the first week of January we had a contract. The house closed in February. 

The house had been shown several hundred times during the previous 4 years and it was JD who kept us from uprooting our family from Owasso and moving to South Tulsa. JD's approach made the difference. First, JD had done a good job of shopping the competition. From that he arrived at a price he felt he could sell the property at (I have had it listed at a lower price). JD has an excellent understanding of marketing and markets the property in many ways that even the best real estate agents won't do. His negotiation skills got us a good price. 

When the original buyer didn't have financing, rather than submitting an offer without financing JD insisted that the buyer secure financing before an offer would be accepted. Family stepped in and bought the house. As an ex-real estate agent, I have developed some relationships with some very good realtors. But the next house I list, I'm calling JD. To you buyers out there that are looking for someone to represent you in the real estate transaction, I'll put it to you this way, if I were still an agent I would never want to negotiate against JD. He'll get you the best possible value.

- Rick and Kim Rauh


To JD &  Ruth,

Thank you for all your help in helping us find our first home. We love it! It is absolutely perfect for us. We have already enjoyed dinners outside next to our Koi Pond and of course our minds are brewing with creative ideas on how to decorate and where to renovate. 

As first time home buyers we literally didn't know where to begin with our house search. JD, you can attest to the fact that we were all over the map with our searches. But it was you who helped us stay focused and narrow our search to what better suited our needs. Remember the house we thought we loved until you pointed out the wood rotting and foundation problems? Thank you JD for your candidness! It truly steered us away from houses we would later regret and guided us towards the home of our dreams. Now we are in a home that we can enjoy decorating and not have to worry about major repairs.

We also want to thank you for your professionalism. During negotiations you were savvy enough to keen in on other realtors' unprofessionalism. Your negotiating skills are superb and we really feel we got the best deal. You were also able to find us the best venders for the money, which in the end helps save us money. How about that 4.5% from Bank of Oklahoma!? You should see the jaws drop when we brag about that! 

Thanks again for representing us as our real estate agent. We were so happy to work with such a great company and now that the deal is done, we are even happier to have you as our friend. 

Wishing you the Best! 

- Tony and Allyson Jannotta 


JD Smith has a wonderful personality, values his family and loves his job. These characteristics certainly come forth when he is working one on one with you. He knows the market well, listens to your concerns and fully understands your situation. We have used JD twice. The first time he helped us find a house for our children. He listened to their concerns and the market range they were interested in. He showed us homes only within their range and the location they were interested in. The second time we used JD was to sell our home when we were being relocated. He did an excellent job in marketing and selling our home. We sold our home within a short period of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone and we would use him again.

- Marjorie and Claude Chaddick


We were disheartened when we had listed our house ourselves, sold the home, and found ourselves in an awkward position. We had signed a contract without any safeguards, or time restraints that would protect us, plus we had not used all the proper paperwork required in today's market. JD was quick to assess the situation and advise accordingly. To make a long story short, JD was able to rescind the first contract and resell the home in record time. He handled all required paperwork, was at all inspections and appraisal, worked with the lending organization, and alleviated the stress of selling a home. We sold our home in just 2 days with JD Smith & Associates.
Thanks, JD, for your timeliness and quality of customer satisfaction.

- Ed & Patricia Pittman


Our home had expired at $99,900 after 6 months on the market with a major real estate company. JD and his team sold our home for $101,200 in just 25 days.

- Garland & Deloris Brunson


JD Smith helped us save $4,400 on the purchase of this home that was listed with another realtor 10 months ago. JD just sold our home for full price at $87,750 after only 6 days on the market. JD, if we ever decide to move back to Tulsa, you will be the first to know about it.

Thanks again!

- Brett & Darcie Austin


JD went that extra step to ensure that I was satisfied with my house. He always explained everything and made sure I understood everything. Being a first time homebuyer, that was very important. I would recommend him to anybody.


- Rhonda Cates


I have already told several people about you, and told them that you were a young man, a real go-getter and that you were doing a great job for me and would do the same for them too! They used to have a song by Roy Clark "Thanks to God and greyhound...she's gone" (speaking of the ex-wife). In my case it would be "Thanks to God and J.D. Smith my property is gone" (praise God!!).

Thanks again! 

- Dan Dawson



I can't make any suggestions for improvement, because I'm not aware of anything more you could have done to make this experience easier. Thanks for the outstanding service. I'm happy with every aspect of your service, and most importantly - I LOVE MY HOME.


- Frank

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